Different from massage?

KMI Connective Tissue - BackBecause the work is applied through the fascial system and is done very slowly with the intent of changing the body, and takes the whole body into account, KMI Structural Integration accomplishes things that massage cannot. KMI Structural Integration uses palpation, discrimination and integration. We palpate, or touch the tissue, feeling for imbalances in tissue texture, quality and temperature to determine where we need to work. We discriminate, or separate fascial layers that adhere and muscles that have been pulled out of position by strain or injury. Finally, we integrate the body, relating its segments in an improved relationship, bringing physical balance in the gravitational field. Other soft-tissue manipulation methods, including massage, are quite good at the first two, but do not balance the body in gravity. As Dr. Rolf used to say: “It is easy to take a body apart, but it takes skill and understanding to put it back together.” The true genius of her method is the art and science of reshaping and reorganizing human structure according to clearly defined principles in a systematic and consistent manner for long term results. In addition, we are educators; to help the client learn, feel, and breathe changes to the physical body, as well as the emotional and spiritual.

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